COVID19 - Precautions and Procedures

As you can see from the risk assessment,  we rely on our hirers to take our guidance of following adequate precautions to maintain the government guidelines in place at the time of use. 
We have put a QR scan code as you enter the building and there is another one at the top of the stairs for those who have downloaded the app and we recommend that you ask your members to use the scanner. For fire regulations, unless you are keeping a register of those in the building with you everyone is required to sign in and out of the book and if we should be alerted to anyone needing to self isolate or have a positive Covid 19 test we will use that to contact you if we are informed of such an event.
For ensuring adequate social distancing we have decided that during rehearsals groups spread out as much as possible and use other rooms. 
Naturally, the stairs at the entrance would need to be used for coming and going but the sightlines enable people to wait for those already on the stairs.  Thereafter we suggest people go up the stairs by The Horseshoe Room and come down the stairs by the toilets by the green room which are the ones we suggest those in the Rodgers and Hammerstein Room to use.