I have had my own studio at M.C.P.T. for nearly a year and it has made a huge difference to my life! I have a space where I can work on my drawings and paintings. Who knows? One day I might have my own exhibition.


BAOS (Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society) has been keen to support and use Market Chambers for auditions and Sunday rehearsals. The atmosphere enhances the performance and our rehearsals.

It is a fantastic space for creative workshops and audiences. We enjoy the flexibility of the building and we love seeing artwork displayed.

The concept is brilliant and we have had representatives on the committee since opening the doors to the artistic and musical people of Basingstoke.

Limelight is the youth group of BAOS, and is open to youngsters, between 11-18 years old. We run workshops, perform concerts, put on shows, and welcome members who like to sing, act, dance or work behind the scenes.



BAOS Limelight love using MCPT because of the space and light in the building. The youngsters have a green room where they can chillout during breaks in the rehearsal schedules; they are often filling the other nooks and crannies, learning lines, practising songs or dance routines.

We are always happy to welcome new members, please contact us email



BATS (Basingstoke Amateur Theatrical Society) hold some of their rehearsals and auditions at Market Chambers.
'The footprint of the Haymarket Stage is most useful when setting and the straightforward booking and payment system suits us'.
BATS celebrated their 60th Anniversary this year.



At BATS Next Gen we value the importance of creativity and individuality, alongside working together. With a positive, can-do ethos and a friendly environment, we offer opportunities for young people to improve their drama, singing and performance skills but also to grow their personal confidence.

If you are aged 7-18 years old and would like to know more about us we would love to hear from you.



My name is Jacky Purtill and I am an arts practitioner with over 30 years as a practicing artist, craftspersons and educator.

During my years as a practitioner and an arts educator, I have been involved in a number of exhibitions, events, client based briefs, teaching and learning activities, during this time and I am continuing to develop my own artwork and to teach others how to create innovative and engaging artwork.

I am primarily now a painter, illustrator and mixed media artist, having been involved with both 2D and 3D practices over a number of years. I love exploring the quality of surface, texture and colour and my artworks are unique, with each being a one off expression of my imagination and creativity. My subjects range from the natural world to complete abstraction. I am a creative practitioner who loves to explore new ways of working and I experiment widely in the pursuit of new and engaging ways of working. If you buy a piece of my artwork you will be buying into my creative process, part of me, my life, my experiences, my heart and soul and something that I have invested time, effort and love in.

Should you want to purchase or commission artwork from me please contact me

07976 264840


Kala The Arts was formed in l998. The Artistic Director and Choreographer is Sushmita Pati; she regularly makes work for a wide variety of groups, from young students to professional dancers.

Costumes and musical instruments are very important to her work and she has her own space at Market Chambers.


07725 838419

My Own Tutor North Hampshire delivers education services for both the school age and adult market place. We do this by having a world-class on-line tutoring program, supported by tuition centres, and 1-2-1 tuition as well. Our clients are aspirational, who want the very best educational outcomes for their children or themselves. Our students own their own journey through a personalised program which is individual to them.

We specialise in Maths and English tuition, and we also have in addition 28+ other subjects including languages. Our programme follows the English Key Stage 1 to 4 programme which leads up to final GCSE exams. Our program adapts it’s self to the student with intelligent algorithms that ensure fast progress is made. This raises students standards in a fun way, quickly. The program is tailored to each students ability levels and keeps up with individual changing needs.


Pumpkin Pantos are a Hampshire based theatre company who strive to produce top quality, hilarious and fun-packed pantomimes.

Our productions take place all throughout the year touring to various Theatres, Art Centres, Community Halls and Schools as well as our annual visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We also love to perform outside in the sunshine with our unique 'Panto in the Park' performances perfect for summer fairs and public garden events.

As well as our own productions, we also provide pantomime scripts for various theatre groups and companies across the globe with performances of our work reaching as far as Australia.

If you would like any further information on our work or productions please contact us - we would love to hear from you!



Purple Room Productions is a Basingstoke based community theatre group.

We are a reputable, quality theatre company. Always striving to achieve a professional standard, we put our heart and soul into each production and we hope that the results really show! Every member contributes from providing props to spending the whole weekend building sets and sewing costumes - there is plenty to do both on and off the stage.

Our aim is to always produce entertaining, diverse and challenging theatre and we hope our play choices reflect that. We are lucky to include a number of members that have years of experience in professional theatre and entertainment, all of whom are happy to share their knowledge and mentor new people.
Social events are as important to us and are a great way to balance the hard work we put into each production. Please keep an eye out for upcoming events you can come along to and meets us to see what we’re all about without obligation.


The RCC is part of the Market Chambers community; their Musical Director is Olya Elliott. Olya teaches the children to sing in different languages; she also teaches them to play and compose 'by ear'.

At Market Chambers they use the Willow Keyboard, kindly donated by the Long Family.


Theatre Spark is dedicated to creating the very best drama and sharing it with as many people as possible. We believe in artistic risk-taking, accessibility and diversity. In addition to staging our own productions, we are also committed to education and training and offer a broad learning programme for all ages and abilities.